We welcome devices from all around the world.

We are a Canadian data recovery company located in Ontario that recovers files from all brands of storage devices such as Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, IBM, Maxtor and many others. What many other companies may not tell you is that they can't handle internal drive problems and this is extremely important because with most drives we get the problem is internal! Many companies simply hope to encounter minor issues that require little skill or cheap do it yourself software.

We see it all the time, incompetent individuals tinkering with hard drives making the recovery completely unaffordable or worse, completely destroying their clients chances of a successful data recovery. If your computer doesn't detect your device reliably, only shows up intermittently (perhaps its clicking, making noises or is completely dead) your device likely has an internal problem and needs professional attention before it's too late. If those other guys outsource to someone that can actually do the the job it's now going to cost you upwards of $1400, $2800 or more, and we're not kidding!

What you need is a trained data recovery professional that can get your files back. We can help! We don't make things sound more complicated than they are. Send us your device for a fast data recovery evaluation.

We are professionally certified and trained in data recovery procedures. We handle all internal problems in a Class 100, ISO 5 environment in our lab. We have much less overhead than labs located in larger cities so this keeps your overall data recovery costs low. Call us, we want to help you get your data back!
Losing your files is extremely frustrating. We will do our best to quickly recover your files at very competitive prices whether it's Windows, Mac, an external drive or flash drive, call us and I will be happy to speak to you directly regarding your situation. -Rui Pereira / CDRE [Certified Data Recovery Expert]