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All of these projects are simple enough for any beginner crafter to try, which makes them fun for loved ones of all ages. Turn a set of stockings into an advent calendar with special treats as you count down to Christmas. Old toys gain new life when they are repurposed into tree ornaments. For a quick craft that’s also sweet, candy canes easily transform into the tails of festive mice party favors. Most of these crafts take mere minutes or less to complete, which means you can deck the halls and make things merry in speedy fashion.

  • Only certain devices—iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 3rd generation—were able to multitask.
  • If you’re upgrading from a much older model iPhone, don’t use your old charger.
  • Once the wall is fully dry, wipe down the wall with a clean, wet rag.
  • So, if your iPhone isn’t displaying an animation when it’s unlocked, don’t bother troubleshooting it because there’s nothing to correct.

If you are wallpapering over unpainted drywall, you will want to apply wallpaper sizing to the wall first in order to create a smooth surface. This will also help make it easier to reposition your paper as you are applying it to the wall. And eventually, if you want to remove your wallpaper, it will come off more easily with less damage to your drywall.

How to Change the iPhone Lock Screen

These peel & stick wallpapers ARE EXTREMELY FORGIVING. They’re just like a big, repositionable sticker. So it’s very easy to peel them up and restick them if you don’t like your first placement attempt (or second or third or fourth!). As you can see from John’s handy graphic above, we measured out from our corner just slightly less than the width of our roll and drew a level line with pencil right on the wall .

If your hand comes away with a chalky residue, it’s likely this venerable old paint was used sometime in your home’s history. Making the choice between wallpaper and paint isn’t an easy one. Each option has a set of pros and cons, which must be weighed carefully. At Painters Inc., we get many questions on the topic, so we’d like to share some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Fitting Corners

Geneva, the owner, has a great question and answer section, too. You can also use drywall compound instead of caulk, or if you want to take it even further, you can tape and mud the gap between the two panels. Use an acrylic caulk to fill in the gap or crack between your VOG wall panels. Remember, the panels do not have tapered seams like a sheet of drywall or sheetrock so filling in the gap smoothly and evenly can be difficult.

Mix it with water in a bucket, aiming for a ratio of one half-cup for every two gallons of water. Closely heed the manufacturer’s usage directions, including the labeled safety warnings. Adequately ventilate the room where you’ll be painting over wallpaper, and don’t forget to wear protective gear.

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