“The best place for data recovery in Canada. Fast, cheap and good communications. Definitely will choose again.”

Darren Blinn, Computer IT Department
St. Anne University
Nova Scotia


I’m a designer in NYC and have been working here for the past 15 years. My WD mybook hard drive contained over a decade of work and was compromised and rendered inaccessible when I took the misguided liberty to open and discard enclosure. After some competitive pricing in NYC, I found prices ranging from $1200.00 – $1600.00 without the guarantee of repair. Each company I approached in NYC described my situation as a, “hopless,” or, “near impossible case.” When I contacted Data Recovery Guy, I was hesitant at first because they were located in Canada. I called for a consultation/estimate and Rui, who is very personable, was very familiar with my situation and confidently guaranteed a solution at the reasonable price of $835.00 which is near half the price that so called experts are offering in NYC. Their location, though international, was no trouble and little cost, especially from NYC. After repairing the drive, it was shipped back at no cost to me and I was able to use the same hard drive without having to buy a new one. Of course, with this lesson learned, I’ll be looking, “into the cloud.” Thanks, Rui I hope this review helps you and your future customers!

Kevin Park
Designer, New York City


My experience was terrific. My external hard drive crashed and my back-up crashed the same day. I was frantic (that’s an understatement!). My life was on that hard drive, including irreplaceable photographs of children and grandchildren, vacations, and much more. Rui’s professional approach and great work recovered all that was potentially lost. Rui has a positive attitude and talked me off the ledge more than once. He is clearly very skilled at his work. I am very pleased with the work that he did on my behalf and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone having problems.

Bob Root
Peterborough ON


Excellent experience!
Hard drive failed Friday with very important information on it. After several unsuccessful attempts at getting the data, we took it to Silicon Direct that afternoon. Rui was very upfront with what to expect and the pricing, offering several methods of recovery. We chose the highest priority RUSH service, which also had the highest price tag. Saturday morning the computer was up and running with 100% recovery. Very pleased with the service and the overnight service justified the price. Recommendation A++

Mark Knight, IT support
Dan Kane Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac
Windsor, Ontario


Best. Decision. Ever. I sent my hard drive from Montreal !
I was preparing to tell a client (and dear friend) that I lost all her wedding footage.

I got 100% of my data back!!!! lol right down to the less urgent data like my dream home picture files! lol I have no idea how Rui did it but he did! The problem was anything but simple as my drive had severe platter damage along with other complications.

Rui is truly a rare find and really does keep going when others would have said it was game over. Not to mention the excellent, friendly service I got made the whole situation even easier. And the final cost was LESS than even the estimates other places were giving me. My friend will now have her wedding video to watch with her children!!!

Thank you so much Rui!! :D

Melissa Galianos, Owner
Melissa Galianos Videography
Montreal, Canada


“Absolutely amazing customer service. I had a USB jump drive which was damaged. After trying countless companies, Rui was able to tackle the problem and figure out a solution. Over 100 hours of work at one point lost was now recovered. I cannot stress how grateful I am about this. He was honest from the beginning, and the pricing is incredibly fair. Moving forward, The Data Recovery Guy will be the only company I use for any computer needs. Thank you again.”

Daniel Beliciu, Psychology department
University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario


“Rui and his team at Silicon Direct have recovered our data numerous times and have always been professional with their service.  Amazingly they were even able to recover a RAID drive back that was very crucial for recovery of our network storage data and the cost was fraction of what others charge. Thank you for an excellent service!”

Milan Gasko, President/CEO
Level One Robotics & Controls Inc.
Windsor, Ontario


“There is a superhero at Silicon Direct, and his name is Rui. This guy has special powers that are not of this world! When my external hard drive crashed, making this awful grinding noise, every IT guy I spoke to about it told me that I could kiss goodbye all the baby videos and photos of my 6 year old twin girls that were stored in that drive. Data recovery companies were quoting me thousands of nonrefundable dollars just to look at it, not even guaranteeing they could recover the data. Then my friend referred me to Rui at Silicon Direct. This guy is a rockstar! He worked painstakingly on my drive for days and nights on end, repairing the tiniest microconnections on my drive that you can’t even see with the naked eye. Sure enough, despite all the naysayers who told me it couldn’t be done, Rui came through and recovered almost all of my data back! Thank you so much Rui, my wife thanks you, and when my kids are old enough, I’m sure they will thank you too!”

Dr. Samuel K. Fandino
The Exceptional Smile Cosmetic and Family Dentistry
West Bloomfield, Michigan


Rui The Data Recovery Guy in Windsor is a genius. He got my precious video data back even when I would not event mount the drive (and I’m usually good at that type of thing) 20 years of family home movies that weren’t backed up properly as I was in the middle of backing them up when I had my stroke) – I highly recommend Rui – his rates were very very fair and is one of the nicest most professional chaps I have ever dealt with. World-class service is highly recommended. He has been reviewed extensively. Don’t bother with these high-tech expensive places that have iffy reputations. This is business done like business is supposed to be done!!!!

Donald Quan
President – Film Composer at Q Music Inc.
Toronto, Ontario


“We cannot thank the wonderful staff we have dealt with at Silicon Direct Forensic Services/(Data Recovery Guy) for their outstanding customer service. We had a situation where employees had left our company and deleted many of the files that we needed to run our business. Other local companies had tried to retrieve them for us, but to no avail, once Rui was brought into the picture we had those files within the week. We called him in a panic, and he gave us some amazing advice and he was able to retrieve the deleted files in a very quick amount of time. Without his knowledge, and quick thinking we would have lost hours upon hours trying to recreate those deleted files. That, in our opinion is excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff.

We would recommend their services to anyone who is in need of accurate, reliable computer advice. The staff we have dealt with are professional, friendly and tremendously knowledgeable about all things computer related.”

Ed German, CEO
The Nail Depot
Ajax, Ontario


“Music to a DJ is very valuable therefore if you lose anything don’t try and repair it yourself like I did. This caused me to lose some important things. Bring it to Data Recovery Guy, he will be your best bet and will point you in the best direction.”

DJ Staxx-Jason Meggo
Detroit, Michigan


“It was a pleasant experience to deal with Rui. He’s a great guy and he’s trustworthy. He explained the whole process and recovered all the data I needed.”

DJ Chris James
98.7 FM Amp Radio
Windsor, Ontario


“The Data Recovery Guy provided great customer service and they really care. They’ve tried their best to help and they did help me recover something I thought would have been lost forever. Thank you very much!!”

Paul Tang, Project Director
Kohn Partnership Architects Inc.
Toronto, Ontario


Not only does he have intuitive expertise in his work, he approaches it with a competitive attitude, actually striving to recover as much data as possible. When my final project was doomed on my corrupted hardrive, with days till it’s due date, Rui was willing to expedite my recovery in light of it’s urgency. I was relived to have my files back just in time.

He’s professional, friendly, and patient, and truly is, the “Data Recovery Guy.” Much appreciated Rui!

Laabo Afolabi, Animation Student
Windsor, Ontario


Great Customer Service! The owner really knows what needs to be done. I had a problem with my USB stick and in no time it was fixed.
Awesome service!

Nate H., Student
Windsor, Ontario

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